Cardfigt Vanguard Monthly

Posted on Jul 4, 2016

Cardfigt Vanguard Monthly

When: 14-5  / 28-5
Entree Fee: € 7.50
Best of 3 ( 50 Min per round )

Price Support:
We will add 3 booster to the price pool, Every player will win 2 boosters and the monthly promo card, the remaing booster will we split over the top players.
Plus extra Goodies from Bushiroad

This tournament uses the clanfight rules:
Fighters’ decks (including G-Units) must only contain cards from the same clan, with the exception of:

<<Cray Elemental>> cards;
<<Royal Paladin>> decks may consist of up to 4 copies of “Blaster Dark”;
<<Link Joker>> decks may consist of cards with “Яeverse” in its name.

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